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Matt Davis; degenerate ceramics

Vitrified ceramics can be seen as an eternal homage to its once living, but now decayed organic matter.

This work explores the aesthetics of decay by creating permanent interpretations of temporal surfaces.

It aims to use specifically degenerated forms in order to exemplify a personal approach to functional & architectural ceramics.

matt davis; degenerate ceramics chaos bottlematt davis ceramics; fractal twistsmatt davis ceramics; crackle bottle

matt davis

ceramicist / artist / designer

matt davis ceramics, extreme & degenerate glazing.

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Digital ceramics; Hyperreality photos ceramic vessels.

Digital ceramics; Hyperreality photos ceramic vessels.

Digital ceramics Hyperreality photos of my ceramic vessels. Digital ceramics; objects started as virtual forms. Generated on the computer & 3D Printed. Then they were cast in plaster and reproduced with Bone China clay. Combining skills acquired during my time working on computers with the intricacies of traditional craft. This work seeks to unify the two worlds of digital and analogue; creating hyperreal objects that appear to be virtual manifestations in physical space. facebook.com/ceramicsx twitter.com/ceramicsx see... read more

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