matt davis ceramics

degenerate glazing


Matt Davis; degenerate ceramics

Vitrified ceramics can be seen as an eternal homage to its once living, but now decayed organic matter.

This work explores the aesthetics of decay by creating permanent interpretations of temporal surfaces.

It aims to use specifically degenerated forms in order to exemplify a personal approach to functional & architectural ceramics.

matt davis; degenerate ceramics chaos bottlematt davis ceramics; fractal twistsmatt davis ceramics; crackle bottle

matt davis

ceramicist / artist / designer

matt davis ceramics, extreme & degenerate glazing.

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matt davis ceramics – bowls

matt davis ceramics – bowls

Ceramic bowl designs. Hi & low ‘res’ functional ceramic bowls. New designs; created in 3D with Blender software… Using the digital environment to degenerate the form’s surface to varying... read more
Website update & ceramics stamp

Website update & ceramics stamp

  Long overdue update… Its been a long summer of work placements! So I’ve finally managed to update my ceramics website and created a stamp for my new work… narrowed it down to 4 designs! It’s my 1st stamp so any feedback gratefully recieved (Its an ‘M’ & a ‘D’ if you can’t see it) Thanks for the feedback Alice I like the dividing line even... read more
Matt Davis in Frances Doherty’s studio

Matt Davis in Frances Doherty’s studio

University work placements… Working with some great ceramic artists. As I’m doing the Mdes 3D Design & Craft course at University of Brighton I have to complete work placements. Spent 2 weeks at Frances’ studio in Normandy, ate really great food, helped make ceramic sculptures & learnt to throw all over again. I can see why Fran chose to have a studio in Normandy, its... read more

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